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For editions larger than 10,000 pieces, we will be glad to provide you with an individual offer.

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From 1.000 apieces


30 x 34 x 20 cm + approx. 3 cm (width x height x depth + border perimeter)


160 g/m² R-PET with laminated OPP film matt


Gravure-gravure 4 color 100% -printing area all-round calculated

Printing cylinder engraving

4 colors inclusive + € 140,00 Pantone 287 C


Two trawls woven PP ribbon, length 2 x 40 cm width 3 cm blue


As exclusive, coated R PET bags sewn, a binding tape over it
Sewn sewn as the end of the same material, in the middle of the ground a fold, Circulating piping.